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    The Fist Industry news

    Industry, who tend to believe that seal is a small thing, but the seal is an important continuous operation of industrial technology products. Reform and opening up because of lack of attention to seal industry has long been considered a small but complex areas, slow development of a large number of small businesses unable to mass production and quality management. With domestic manufacturing level, this situation has begun to rapidly change.

    With the rapid development of China's machinery industry, especially automotive and electronic communications industry, the Chinese seal industry already has an irreplaceable practical significance and far-reaching development of the industry meaning.

    In the new international environment, global manufacturing base for seal products will continue to transfer to China. Chinese seal industry will usher in a period of development by leaps and bounds, but also the development of new industrialization in China will make greater contribution.

    According to "China's economic operation of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing industry analysis" of the statistical data, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed 290 key business statistics, industry, economic efficiency index reached 170.81, 214.97 of which seal industry, machinery industry is far higher than the national average. Sealing the fourth quarter of 2007, domestic sales revenue of 3.604 billion yuan trade more than 25.27% increase over the same period of 2006

    Sealing industry in 2007 leading enterprises Aizhi group sales of more than 575 million yuan, to achieve the eleventh consecutive year of rapid growth. The total number of existing staff and employment of more than 1,200 people. In the lead industry, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence approach, in the new year Yizhi Group will further through excellent management to create superior quality, excellent pool of talent in the industry continue to create miracles.

    It is also necessary as a number of industry leaders such Yizhi, and further to regulate the seal market standardization, quality standardization, standardization sale.

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